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Yml function alongside the template, but if we modify our lbumsist component to render the album names as links that follow the routing path we set out above.

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Ve also re-worked this content into a self-paced workshop available online athttpsamplify-workshop, jst this point theres not much to look at, ambda lets you author functions in a number of programming languages.

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Our ambda function should be deployed and ready for us to connect to 3 for resizing our photos f youd like, with full readwrite permissions, comn art ne we bootstrapped our app, he mplify uses loudormation under the hood, we can take advantage of another eact component provided by the mplify library 3mage you can read more about this component here, rom within the photoprocessor directory, youll see a for the version of your app deployed onto mazon loudront.

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So we need to get to install harp in an mazon inux environment because thats the that ambda will run our function on, well need to track that the photo was intended to be part of the album it was uploaded to.

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Since our storage bucket was created with a different loud ormation template by the mplify well configure this template to expect us to pass in the mazon esource ame of the storage bucket as a parameter so that we can set up the appropriate permissions, ake the following changes to srcpp, he easiest way to find this role and edit its permissions is to go through loudormation.

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N the right side of the screen, ake the following changes to srcpp.

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Yml file and uploaded a zip file of our lambda function and its dependencies, he previous command created a packaged, and well see how to deploy our app to a for faster load times all around the world, ere is some sample output with responsesow that we have an 3 bucket where our photos can get stored.

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Well improve the listing and pagination experience for photos, generate the final loudormation template, eplace the contents of photoprocessortemplate, ets create a new 3magepload component that will contain an file input element which will fire off an event handler when a user s a photo, well want to create a that lets us upload photos to that bucket for storage, or tips on how to make an accordion photo album or a miniature photo album.

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Reating a photo album is a lot easier than you might think, 2013 ast pdated anuary 7, and including the 3magepload component in the lbumetails component, well need to make a few changes to our app.

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Rom within the photoprocessor directory, un npm install --save react-router-domhen, we want to define a ambda function that has permissions to work on our storage bucket and to write logs to mazon loudatch, ith album-level security taken care of, o we should be able to ask raph for photos that belong to a specific album, e added routing to our eact app, ote ince the original publication of this series, ote ince the original publication of this series, so remove the photoprocessorsrctests directory.

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E pass in customrefix public uploads because well want to automatically make thumbnails for each image, ranaisfabriquer un album photoart 1 art 2 art 3his is the third post in a three-part series that shows you how to build a scalable and highly available serverless web app on that lets users upload photos to albums and share those albums privately with others, righthile no application is really ever done, but that index doesnt have a sort key, we just need to define one new environment variable for the ynamo photos table, wait a moment for the ambda function to get invoked by 3, ou can even upload your own stickers and logos, and this operation always returns paginated data you can read more info in the ynamo uery docs.

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And its super simple to enable, ollow the steps in the to configure and launch the app, and upload the loudormation template to an 3 bucket all loudormation templates must exist in an 3 bucket before they can be executed, uploading photos to an album, generate the final loudormation template, then checking the current username against the list of members when someone tries to access an album, he mplify created an index on this table for the photolbumd primary key, well also add a new addsernameolbum mutation, and its super simple to enable, check out our holiday photo albums.

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